2010 Small Axe Literary Competition

December 2010

Shortlist and Winners

Below, in alphabetical order, are the poets and short fiction writers shortlisted for the 2010 Small Axe Literary Competition. The announcement of the winners, whose work will be published in Small Axe 35, and information about our 2010 judges, can be found on our Literary Competition archive page.


Lauren Alleyne
Adriana Garriga-López
C.E. Huggins 
Ishion Hutchinson
Simone Leid               
Lorne Matthews
Lynn Sweeting           

Short Fiction

Keisha-Gaye Anderson – “Reunion”             
Denise Donnette Dennis – “Me, Mi Gal Pickney and Law and Order”                   
Emille Hunt – “Return of the Dragon”                      
Angela Ohri – “Smiling Faces”                     
Stephen Narain – “Battie Boy”
Kim Robinson – “The Waiting”
Sandra Sealy – “Anansi and the Cou Cou Stick”      
Andrea Shaw – “Dieu est Mon Pilote à Tanqueray


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