2009 Small Axe Literary Competition

Below, in alphabetical order, are the poets and short fiction writers shortlisted for the 2009 Small Axe Literary Competition. The announcement of the winners, whose work was published in Small Axe 32, and information about our 2009 judges, can be found on our Literary Competition archive page.


Danielle Boodoo-Fortune      
Delores Gauntlett       
Ishion Hutchinson      
Ann-Margaret Lim     
Monica Minott           
Damian Renee
Tanya Shirley 
Obediah Michael Smith         

Short Fiction

Rhoda Bharath – “Before I Dead”
Joy Campbell – “Discarded”
Ariane Cruz – “Sodade”
Emille Hunt – “Learning to Fly”
Alake Pilgrim – “Dancing with a Ball of Light
Ashley Rousseau – “The Colour of Green Lizards”


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