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SX 72: 11.2023

Friend! Protect Me, 2022

Preface: The Hard Road from Arusha
David Scott

Deceptive Benevolence: Witnessing Whiteness in
Marie Vieux-Chauvet's Dance on the Volcano
Jocelyn Sutton Franklin

A Caribbean Coast Feeling: On Black Central American
Women's Landscape Portraiture
Melanie White

La Caldosa: Afro-Lesbian Space-Making and Transnational
Politics in Havana
Kerry White

Walter Rodney's How Europe Underdeveloped Africa 
Fifty Years Later

"The Present as History": Walter Rodney and the Search
for Usable African Pasts
Adom Getachew

Between Revolution and Repair: How Europe Underdeveloped
in a Caribbean Intellectual Tradition
David Scott

Universalism in Unevenness: Writing History at the Hill
Natasha I. Shivji

History, Method, and Myth: Walter Rodney and the
Geographies of Black Radicalism
Peter James Hudson

Whose Dialectic? Walter Rodney, Marxism, and Africa 
David Austin

Of "Realities and Possibilities"
Michaeline A. Crichlow

Insurgent Knowledges: Reading How Europe Underdeveloped
alongside the Rupture of Guyana
D. Alissa Trotz and Nigel Westmaas

Reading for Time in How Europe Underdeveloped Africa 
Richard Drayton 


Off Cuts 
Heino Schmid

Translating the Caribbean

(W)uman Tong(ue): Writing a Bilingual Newspaper Column
in "Postcolonial" Jamaica 
Carolyn Cooper

Book Discussion: Belinda Edmondson, Creole Noise: Early 
Caribbean Dialect Literature and Performance

Din as Discourse in the Anglophone Caribbean
Supriya M. Nair

Disturbing the Neighbors
Tim Watson

Noising Creole Abroad: Chatting about Voice; Some
Thoughts on Belinda Edmondson's Creole Noise
Barbara Lalla

The Importance of being (In)Authentic
Belinda Edmondson