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SX 74: 7.2024

And leave signs

Preface: The Vexed Universalism of Ethical Partisans
David Scott


From Haiti to Congo: Colonial Fault Lines in the Life and Work of Suzanne Comhaire-Sylvain
Fatoumata Seck


“A New Rhythm Starts Immediately”: Women’s Spiritual Literacy in The Black Jacobins
Mary Grace Albanese


From Loíza to Yauco’s Mountainous Area: Fugitive Food Practices in Puerto Rico
Mónica Ocasio


The Cultural Poetics of Carolyn Cooper

Dangerous Disturbances: Carolyn Cooper’s Noisy Worldliness
Nadi Edwards


Blood and Noise: Carolyn Cooper and the Politics of Betrayal
Louis Chude-Sokei


Pedagogy, Textured
Nadia Ellis


Styling Subversion: Carolyn Cooper’s Embodied Wor(l)ds
Ananya Jahanara Kabir


If I Could Write this in Patwa: After Carolyn Cooper
Njelle Hamilton


“Yu a Brand”: Making a Mark as a Road Scholar from Jamaica
Carolyn Cooper


Keyword: Sexualities

Patería and Contemporary Puerto Rican Queer/Trans Performance
Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes


Erotic Synergies and Variances in the Sexual Vernacular of the Postcolonial Dutch Caribbean
Wigbertson Julian Isenia


Kith and Kin: The Making of Queer Communities
Krystal Ghisyawan


‘Ziggy, sé an makoumé”: Queering Otherness and Disturbing Identities
Jacqueline Couti



Buss head Hard head
Natalie Wood


Book Discussion: Rocío Zambrana, Colonial Debts: The Case of Puerto Rico

The Precarity of Intramural Theorizing
Judith Rodriguez


Secretions of Subjectivity: Temporality and Agency in Colonial Debts
Ernesto Blanes-Martinez


Seeing the World through a Puerto Rican Lens: Decolonial Critique in Boricua Beats
Agustin Lao-Montes


Organizing Pessimism Redux
Rocío Zambrana