the visual life of social affliction gallery

the visual life of social affliction gallery

On 3 and 4 May 2018, the curators of VLOSA invited the commissioned artists and writers to participate in a gathering at the Lowe Museum, University of Miami, Coral Gables. The objective, in keeping with the overall ethos of the Small Axe Project, and sx visualities in particular, was to put the artists and writers into a conversation that would stimulate the work to come. The photographs in these two galleries represent a selection of the photographs taken of the participants on this two-day occasion.

SX Salon

sx salon

sx salon: a small axe literary platform is our digital forum for innovative critical and creative explorations of Caribbean literature, broadly defined. Caribbean creative writing has always wrestled with the idea of an aesthetic form that engages regional and diasporic understandings of our changing realities.

Caribbean Modern

caribbean modern

Historically, the geopolitical region we know as the Caribbean is foundationally modern—that is to say, it was forced into being by modern/modernizing colonial powers as a constitutive part of the making of the modern capitalist world. Whatever fragments of indigenous social formation survived the European expansionist onslaught, and whatever fugitive communities of marronage that emerged in its wake, were incorporated in subordinate positions within a terrain of transforming and modernizing economic and state powers.

SX Blog

sx blog

Our digital space for brief commentary and reflection on cultural, political, and intellectual events. We feature supplementary materials that enhance the content of our multiple platforms.

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