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Small Axe 72 is now available!

13 November 2023
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This issue features essays by Jocelyn Sutton Franklin, Melanie White, and Kerry White. The issue features a special section titled "Walter Rodney's How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Fifty Years Later" and includes essays by Adom Getachew, David Scott, Natasha I. Shivji, Peter James Hudson, David Austin, Michaeline A. Crichlow, D. Alissa Trotz and Nigel Westmaas, and Richard Drayton. The cover and visual essay feature the work of Heino Schmid. Carolyn Cooper contributes to the "Translating the Caribbean" section with her essay titled "(W)uman Tong(ue): Writing a Bilingual Newspaper Column in "Postcolonial" Jamaica." Finally, Supriya M. Nair, Tim Watson, and Barbara Lalla discuss Belinda Edmondson's work Creole Noise: Early Caribbean Dialect Literature and Performance in the book discussion.

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