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Check Out Kelly Sinnapah Mary's exhibition curated by Andil Gosine

23 November 2023
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Photo taken from Kelly Sinnapah Mary's facebook page 

Small Axe editorial committee member  and curator of SX Art, Professor Andil Gosine is pleased to be presenting the debut North American solo exhibition of Guadeloupean artist Kelly Sinnapah Mary at Aicon Gallery in Soho. Gosine and Sinnapah Mary have previously collaborated on several projects, including the cover of his book Nature's Wild: Love, Sex and Law in the Caribbean, and this exhibition includes both now iconic works by the artist and new works which channel Caribbean thinkers like Maryse Condé. The exhibition will run concurrently with a retrospective of work by Martinican artist-thinker Serge Hélénon.

You can read more about the exhibition here.

Check out sx 68 where Andil Gosine's visual essay, "Everything Slackens in a Wreck," likewise showcases the work of Kelly Sinnapah Mary.