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Small Axe 71 is now available!

5 September 2023
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This issue features essays by Alexandra Perisic, Dashiell Moore, and David Scott. The special section on Maureen Warner-Lewis includes the work of Warner-Lewis herself, Velma Pollard, Faith Smith, Rhonda Cobham-Sander, as well as Victoria Collis-Buthelezi. The annual Keywords in Caribbean Studies section examines the terms Cimarrón, Marron, Maroon with contributions by Ileana Rodríquez-Silva, SJ Zhang, Johnhenry Gonzalez, Corinna Campbell, and Tolin Alexander. This issue's visual essay and cover image showcase the work of Nadia Huggins. The book discussion engages Andil Gosine's Nature's Wild, with essays by Kedon Willis, Rajiv Mohabir, Michelle Rowley, and Andil Gosine in response. 

Take a look at the table of contents here.