Introduction to Creative Section

June 2021

This issue of sx salon presents new Caribbean creative writing from Kyle Hernandez, Shivanee Ramlochan, and Thomas Glave in a creative section dedicated to activist, poet, and scholar Colin Robinson, the author of the 2016 poetry collection You Have You Father Hard Head (Peepal Tree) and a co-founder of CAISO: Sex and Gender JusticeCARIFLAGS, the Audre Lorde Project, and Caribbean Pride. Colin’s vision, wit, and work have changed the world and will benefit us far into the future.

To honor Robinson’s legacy, consider donating to or applying for the Colin Robinson Hard Head Award, which seeks to recognize and honor exceptional leadership in transforming how others see and imagine the world, particularly in the spheres of transformational activism, artistic boldness, and meaningful solidarity.


Rosamond S. King

Creative editor, sx salon


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