The Kamau Brathwaite Bibliography

February 2018

A Collaboration In Progress

This bibliography is a reworking and expansion of the “Kamau Brathwaite SX Bibliography” begun as a collective effort at the Caribbean Digital researchathon in December 2014.[1] It represents a snapshot of the bibliography’s progress up to the end of February 2018. The full collection exists as a living library on Zotero, and members may continue to add to and update it. Nonmembers may view and search the library; they may also use the tag function to reorganize entries according to various criteria (specific works, years, language, etc.).

In preparing this stand-alone publication of the bibliography, Kelly Baker Josephs and Teanu Reid have added sources, checked and revised previous entries for accuracy and completeness, and formatted and organized the collection for publication. We have concentrated on expanding Brathwaite’s primary works, which now number above five hundred, not including recordings. We depended heavily on Doris Brathwaite’s two published bibliographies, EKB: His Published Prose and Poetry, 1948–1986 (Savacou, 1986) and A Descriptive and Chronological Bibliography of the Work of Edward Kamau Brathwaite (New Beacon, 1988). There is still much to be done on including secondary sources to indicate the breadth of scholarly work on Brathwaite’s writings and theories.

Below are a few notes on how to use this bibliography and on revision choices made by Josephs and Reid for publication and future use of the collection. Following that is a link to the PDF version of the full bibliography and then a copy of the table of contents (also included with this introduction in the PDF).


  • The entries are organized by category (as indicated in the table of contents) and then in alphabetical order by title. Despite some crossover of names in the mid-1970s, we have designated all items published in 1979 and later as published by Kamau Brathwaite and all items before 1979 as published by Edward Brathwaite.
  • For primary sources that included multiple poems, the title is listed as “Poems” and the individual names of the poems are included in the abstract in Zotero.
  • In accordance with Small Axe practice, we have used The Chicago Manual Style for this bibliography. This means that page numbers for newspapers and magazines are not included in the listings here. However, that information may be accessed via the Zotero library.
  • We have omitted from this stand-alone publication the sixty audio and visual recording entries that are currently part of the Zotero library.
  • We have provided as much information as currently available for each entry, in as consistent a format as possible. However, because of the collaborative nature of the beginnings of the project and its breadth, some errors or inconsistencies may still exist.

Please contact Kelly Baker Josephs,, or Teanu Reid,, with revisions or additions to the bibliography.


Kelly Baker Josephs is an associate professor of English at York College, City University of New York. She is the author of Disturbers of the Peace: Representations of Insanity in Anglophone Caribbean Lit­erature (Johns Hopkins, 2013), editor of sx salon: a small axe literary platform, and founder of The Caribbean Commons.


Teanu Reid is a (first year) history PhD student at Yale University. Reid/She works on the 17th and 18th century British Atlantic world, with a focus on slavery in Barbados.



The Kamau Brathwaite Bibliography (PDF download)



4          Primary Works

4          Poetry in English, published as Edward Brathwaite

10       Poetry in English, published as Kamau Brathwaite

13       Poetry in Translation

14       Creative Prose in English 

15       Creative Prose in Translation

15       Drama

15       Critical Prose in English, published as Edward Brathwaite

21       Critical Prose in English, published as Kamau Brathwaite

24       Critical Prose in Translation

24       As Editor           


25       Interviews


26       Secondary Sources

26       General Overviews

27       Book Reviews

29       Secondary Sources in English,
                excluding general overviews and book reviews

36       Secondary Sources, Non-English


37       Tertiary Sources


38       Works in Honor of Brathwaite


[1] For more information, see Kelly Baker Josephs, “A Report on the Kamau Brathwaite Researchathon,” Caribbean Vistas Journal 2, no. 1 (2015). The researchathon was organized by Kelly Baker Josephs and Alex Gil, and the participants were Roger Caruth, Rhonda Cobham Sander, Rafe Dalleo, Laurent Dubois, Jacob Edmond, Kaiama L. Glover, Warren Harding, Maja Horn, Keith McNeal, Janet Neigh, Tzarina T. Prater, Leah Rosenberg, and Emily Williams. Additionally, Clara Pomi began the revision process during her tenure as a research assistant for Josephs at Williams College in spring 2018. The bibliography would not be as comprehensive without these contributors’ efforts.


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