Ryan Joyce

The Homoerotics of French Empire Building

Julin Everett, Le Queer Impérial: Male Homoerotic Desire in Francophone Colonial and Postcolonial Literature (Leiden: Brill-Rodopi, 2018); 220 pages; ISBN 978-9004365537 (hardcover)

Ryan Joyce
June 2021

Writing Desire and Pleasure in the Francophone Caribbean and African Diaspora

Léonora Miano, ed., Première nuit: Une anthologie du désir (Montreal: Mémoire d’encrier, 2014); 200 pages; ISBN 978-2897121907 (paperback)

Léonora Miano, ed., Volcaniques: Une anthologie du plaisir (Montreal: Mémoire d’encrier, 2015); 220 pages; ISBN 978-2897122720 (paperback)

Ryan Joyce
February 2017
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