sx salon 37

June 2021

The Queer Caribbean

in memoriam Colin Robinson, 1961–2021


This special issue on queer Caribbean writing opens with a dialogue between sx salon book review editor Ronald Cummings and Njelle Hamilton, book review editor for the journal Anthurium, and introduces part 2 of their coedited book reviews collaboration (see Anthurium for part 1). Following Anton Nimblett’s reflections on the life and work of Trinidadian poet and activist Colin Robinson, sx salon creative editor Rosamond S. King introduces a creative-writing section dedicated to Robinson.

With the editorial prefaces by Cummings and King, my own regular editorial introduction would be superfluous, but I would like to say to our readers, I hope you continue to be safe and well and that reading this new work from and about the queer Caribbean brings you some solace in these difficult times.


Rachel L. Mordecai


Table of Contents


“Dialogues: Reviewing the Queer Caribbean”—Ronald Cummings and Njelle Hamilton



“Rediscovery”—Andil Gosine
Review of Andre Bagoo, The Undiscovered Country: Essays (Leeds: Peepal Tree, 2020)

“Even the Stars Are Broken”—Rishi Nath
Review of Rajiv Mohabir, Antiman: A Hybrid Memoir (New York: Restless Books, 2021)

“Shee Tongue Cut Out: Slavery, Gender, and Resistance”—Sophie Maríñez
Review of Ana-Maurine Lara, Kohnjehr Woman (Washington, DC: RedBone, 2017)

“‘This Sudden Abundance of Seeing’”—Lauren K. Alleyne
Review of Kei Miller, In Nearby Bushes (Manchester: Carcanet, 2019)

“Blessings and Curses: The Poesis of Queer Caribbean and Diaspora Living”Linzey Corridon
Review of H. Nigel Thomas, Easily Fooled (Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2021)

“The Homoerotics of French Empire Building”—Ryan Joyce
Review of Julin Everett, Le Queer Impérial: Male Homoerotic Desire in Francophone Colonial and Postcolonial Literature (Leiden: Brill-Rodopi, 2018)



“The Simplest Acts—Reflections on Colin Robinson”—Anton Nimblett


Poetry & Prose

IntroductionRosamond S. King

“Measuring Measuring”Kyle Hernandez

“A Prayer against Death, in the Age of Our Islands”Shivanee Ramlochan

“Big Up, Trini Gyal: A Tribute to Colin Robinson”Thomas Glave


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