sx salon 10

August 2012

General Issue

Welcome to the end-of-summer issue of sx salon. In this issue we publish articles, poetry, and fiction that range across a wide variety of subjects and spaces. The title and objectives of the recent Caribbean Crossroads multimuseum exhibition in New York (the subject of Kristina Huang and Jonathan Hill’s article in our discussion section) are appropriate for our August issue, since we include work from Haitian-Canadian poet Marie-Célie Agnant, a review of poet Loretta Collins Klobah’s much-lauded Puerto Rican flavored collection, and an interview with Sasenarine Persaud on Yogic Realism .

Like the Caribbean Crossroads exhibit, this issue celebrates a mix of new and established artists. We offer reviews of two first collections of poetry—Klobah’s The Twelve-Foot Neon Woman and Trinidadian Andre Bagoo’s Trick Vessels—alongside a review of a collection of interviews spanning the sixty-year career of veteran writer Paule Marshall. We offer fresh new Caribbean voices in our Poetry & Prose section, while revisiting two decades of Persaud’s writings in an interview  by new writer Stephen Narain. We also revisit Rahul Bhattacharya’s The Sly Company of People Who Care, previously reviewed in sx salon, in a discussion article on the gender politics of responses to the book.

As summer comes to a close, we hope you enjoy this cross-section of Caribbean writing by and about our diverse writers from the region (table of contents below).

Kelly Baker Josephs


Table of Contents

Introduction and Table of Contents—Kelly Baker Josephs


The Twelve-Foot Neon Woman, by Loretta Collins Klobah—Sam Vásquez
Trick Vessels, by Andre Bagoo—Vladimir Lucien
Conversations with Paule Marshall,edited by James C. Hall and Heather Hathaway—Barbara J. Webb

Discussion articles

Beyond Crossroads: Representing the Caribbean (On the Caribbean Crossroads exhibit)—Kristina Huang and Jonathan Hill
Reviewing the Reviews: Responding to Sex and Gender in The Sly Company of People Who Care—Nalini Mohabir and Vidyaratha Kissoon


Danielle Legros Georges
David Mills
Marie-Célie Agnant (Translated by Corine Tachtiris)


Even Amidst the Carnage of a Flying Saucer’s Spontaneous Appearance . . .—Jonathan Bellot 


“We Chant the Hymn of Ages”: An Interview with Sasenarine Persaud—Stephen Narain


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