Kelly Sinnapah Mary


Special section, “Art After Indenture,” guest-edited by Andil Gosine, features essays by Patricia Mohammed, Nalini Mohabir, Joy Mahabir, Jordache A. Ellapen and art by Roshini Kempadoo, Sharlene Khan, and Wendy Nanan. 2016 Literary Competition winners. Book discussion of Yarimar Bonilla’s Non-Sovereign Futures: French Caribbean Politics in the Wake of Disenchantment

"A través de tus ojos" (Through your eyes)


Includes a special section, "Art as Caribbean Feminist Practice," guest-edited by Annalee Davis, Joscelyn Gardner, Erica James, and Jerry Philogene. Art by Deborah Anzinger, Sheena Rose, Keisha Scarville, and others. Rereadings of Éloge de la créolité edited by Martin Munro and Celia Britton. Book discussion of Rosamond S. King's Island Bodies.

SX 51: 11.2016


“The Idea of the Hispanophone Caribbean” guest-edited by Vanessa Pérez-Rosario with essays by Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel, Silvio Torres-Saillant, Ada Ferrer, Ginetta Candelario, and Tatiana Flores and Michelle Stephens. Reflections on Roberto Fernández Retamar’s “Caliban” by Peter Hulme and William Luis, and poems by Kamau Brathwaite. Visual essay by Firelei Báez. Book discussion of Maja Horn’s Masculinity After Trujillo.

SX 50: 07.2016


Our 50th issue features meditations on “What is Journal Work?” by editors Ashwani Sharma, Sean Jacobs, Louis Chude-Sokei, Patricia Saunders, Lowell Fiet, Yolanda Wood, Kelly Baker Josephs, and Kuan-Hsing Chen. 2015 Small Axe Literary Competition winners. Book discussion of Brian Meeks’s Critical Interventions in Caribbean Theory, and visual essay by Nari Ward.  

SX 49: 03.2016


Includes a special section on Sylvia Wynter’s unpublished manuscript, “Black Metamorphosis: New Natives in the New World” guest-edited by Aaron Kamugisha, with essays by Nijah Cunningham, Demetrius Eudell, Tonya Haynes, Katherine McKittrick, and Greg Thomas. Book discussion of Alexandra Vasquez’s Listening in Detail: Performances of Cuban Music.  

SX 48: 11.2015


Includes the special section “Rethinking Aimé Césaire,” with essays by Eric Prieto, Jennifer Wilks, Carrie Noland, Souleymane Bachir Diagne, and Nick Nesbitt. Book discussion of Huey Copeland’s Bound to Appear: Art, Slavery, and the Site of Blackness in Multicultural America, and visual essay “Looking at East Harlem” by Hiram Maristany.

SX 47: 07.2015 


Features essays by Alvan Ikoku, Michael Eldridge, and James Robertson. Special section “Who Was José Muñoz?” with essays by Maja Horn, Karen Jaime, Sandra Ruiz, and Leticia Alvarado. 2014 Small Axe Literary Competition winners. Book discussion of Leon Wainwright’s Timed Out: Art and the Transnational Caribbean

SX 46: 03.2015 


Features essays by Fayçal Falaky, Jennine Murray-Roman, and Victoria Collis-Buthelezi. Special section “The Gift of Stuart Hall” with contributions from Kobena Mercer, Michelle Stephens, Maxime Cervulle, and Liv Sovik. Book discussion of Mimi Sheller’s Citizenship from Below: Erotic Agency and Caribbean Freedom. “Caribbean Queer Visualties” project statement.

SX 45: 11.2014


Includes essays by Jocelyn Stitt and J. Brent Crosson. Special section, “Translating the Caribbean II” guest-edited by Kaiama Glover and Martin Munro with contributions by Nadève Ménard, Rose Réjouis, Kavita Singh, and Natalie Belisle. Visual work by Charl Landvreugd. Book discussion of Colin Dayan’s work.