sx63 cover

SX 63: 11.2020

Sous influence, 2016

Preface: The Disquieting Decency of Richard Hart
David Scott


Departmental Dystopia: The Now and the Femme in Raphaël Confiant’s Trilogie Tropicale
Corine Labridy-Stofle


Magical Thinking in Chamoiseau’s Chemin-d’école: From Quimbois to la Mission civilisatrice
Lucy Swanson


Inside and Outside the Exhibition Space: The Poetics and Politics of Colectivo Quintapata
Carlos Garrido Castellano and Magdalena Lopez


The Jamaican 1950s
Guest editor, Deborah A. Thomas

Displacements: The Jamaican 1950s
Deborah A. Thomas


Mass Weddings in Jamaica and the Production of Academic Folk Knowledge
Tracy Robinson


Antihomosexuality and Nationalist Critique in Late-Colonial Jamaica: Revisiting the 1951 Police Enquiry
Matthew Chin


Bigger than the Sound: Jamaican Chinese Infrastructures of Reggae
Tao Leigh Goffe 


Amy Bailey, Black Ladyhood, and 1950s Jamaica
Keisha Lindsay


Through Archie Lindo’s Lens: Uncovering the Queer Subtext in Nationalist Jamaican Art 
O’Neil Lawrence


Caribbean Literary Historiography and the Jamaican Literary 1950s
Ronald Cummings


A Spirit of Inquiry: Convening Jamaica as Method
Donette Francis



Sous influence
Robert Charlotte


Book Discussion: David Austin, ed., Moving Against the System: The 1968 Congress of Black Writers and the Making of Global Consciousness

Montreal 1968 and the Last Colonial Generation
Peter James Hudson


Black Power and/as Patriarchy
Laurie R. Lambert


Moving Against the System: Dread History and the Global 1968
Bedour Alagraa


Dread Dialectics
David Austin