sx60 cover

SX 60: 11.2019

Constructioned Manumissions

Preface: Alasdair MacIntyre's C. L. R. James
David Scott


An Ethics of Discomfort: Katharine Dunham's Vodou Belonging
Marina Magloire


Forging Relational Difference: Racial Gendered Violence and Dispossession in Guyana
Shanya Cordis


Death in the Arena: A Brief History of Dancehall, Time, and the Cold War
Jason Frydman


Puerto Rico Colonialism, Caribbean Radicalism, and Pueblos Hispano's Inter-Nationalist Alliance
Cristina Pérez Jiménez


Familial Longings: Transcaribbean Narrative of Dictatorship and the Latin American Imaginary
Daynalí Flores-Rodríguez


Can a Mulatta be a Black Jacobin? C. L. R. James, Feminism, and the Place of Collaboration
Raj Chetty



"An Archive of Loose Leaves"
An Interview with Frank Birbalsingh
Nalini Mohabir and Ronald Cummings



The Alchemy of Creative Resistance
La Vaughn Belle


Translating the Caribbean

Julián del Casal
José Lezama Lima
Translated by Robin Myers


Lezama Lima's "Julián del Casal": A New Aesthetics of Reception and Failure for Postrevolutionary Times
Arnaldo M Cruz Malavé


Book Discussion: Christopher Taylor, Empire of Neglect: The West Indies in the Wake of British Imperialism

The Problem of Liberal Empire Reconsidered 
Adom Getachew


Mine the Ruins
Petal Samuel


The Ruined Mines of Empire
Christopher Taylor