poem by Vanessa Jimenez Gabb

• June 2020



             Look at me please
             We are going to a place
             Where we will eat
             And stay awhile


             The mother’s desire
             For the child’s crying
             To stop
             To eat
             Is to be not so fatal
             How much we will risk




            I make eggs to save money
            And summon the perfect elegance in this


            What else are we doing with our summer
            Night to save us


            To imagine what are we tonight
            To travel to the future


            Before our time and with grace
            And what are they


            To not even have the night
            To choose from





           A beauty of the breakfast sausage
           Think of all the levels
           To this day that is summer
           And no longer
           An ocean
           But no longer


           What must you do
           To be her weakness again
           Her column of missions
           Repeating to herself
           The first to remember
           To switch off the little fire


Vanessa Jimenez Gabb is the author of Images for Radical Politics (Rescue Press, 2016). Of Belizean and Colombian descent, she is from and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York (http://www.vanessajimenezgabb.com/).