Poem by Arturo Desimone

• October 2014

Native Realm

my birth was from a weed in the
termite-nibbled sand
under the belly-shadows
of fish-eating sea vultures
called makwaku
they make tremble the mad natives
who steal the eggs of mother sea turtles
as the blonde guardians allied with Greenpeace
snore at their vigils, without stimulants
of island of the damned cocaine and Palmera rum
in the day the ex-colonial conscientious watchdogs discuss politics
“sugar in his ass”
maybe one of them refers to Angela Merkel as “Angie”
forty baby sea turtles hatch
in the bellies of thieves

*This poem is titled after Czeslaw Milosz’s Native Realm, about Lithuania and Poland.


Arturo Desimone, born 1984 Oranjestad Aruba, but of immigrant parentage, is a writer of fiction, poet and a playwright. His poems have appeared in the Brown Critique and A Tunisian Girl. His visual artworks, comparable to hieroglyphs in nature, will soon be exhibited in Krakow, Poland and in Paris. At the moment is working on a novel despite life in transference.