Literary Competition Winners - 2013

Suspect from the Leviticus series 2008


Managing Editor
Kelly Baker Josephs

Associate Managing Editor
Andrea Shaw

sx salon has received funds from the Ford Foundation and the CUNY Diversity Projects Development Fund.

a forum for innovative critical and creative explorations of Caribbean reality

sx salon is our new platform for the convergence of expressions and discussions of the literary. Caribbean creative writing has always wrestled with the idea of an aesthetic form that engages regional and diasporic understandings of our changing realities. As a forum, sx salon aims to stimulate these sensibilities and preoccupations across different literary genres. We host literary discussions, interviews with writers, reviews of new publications (creative and scholarly), and short pieces by Caribbean writers.

sx salon also houses the recently launched annual Small Axe Literary Competition. The competition focuses on poetry and short stories from emerging writers whose work centers on regional and diasporic Caribbean themes and concerns.