Winners and Judges

2013 Competition


Short Fiction:

First Prize: Ruel Johnson

Second Prize: Lesley-Ann Wanliss


First Prize: Vladimir Lucien

Second Prize: Ruel Johnson


Short Fiction: Caryl Phillips, Olive Senior, Jan Lowe Shinebourne

Poetry: Easton Lee, Paul Keens-Douglas, Pam Mordecal

Past Winners and Judges


Short Fiction:

First Prize: Sharon Millar

Second Prize: Alexia Arthurs


First Prize: Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

Second Prize: Lynn Sweeting


Short Fiction: Thomas Glave, Oonya Kempadoo, Elizabeth Nunez

Poetry: Kendel Hippolyte, Mervyn Morris, Opal Palmer Adisa



Short Fiction:

First Prize: Barbara Jenkins

Second Prize: Heidi N. Holder

Poetry (two first place winners):

First Prize: Sonia Farmer and Danielle McShine


Short Fiction: Erna Brodber, Zee Edgell, and Robert Antoni

Poetry: Fred D'Aguiar, Cyril Dabydeen, and Shara McCallum



Short Fiction:

First Prize: Stephen Narain

Second Prize: Andrea Shaw


First Prize: Lauren Alleyne
Second Prize: Ishion Hutchinson



Short Fiction:Merle Hodge, Marlon James, and Shani Mootoo

Poetry: Kwame Dawes, Ramabai Espinet, and Kei Miller



Short Fiction:

First Prize: Ashley Rousseau

Second Prize: Alake Pilgrim


First Prize: Monica Minott

Second Prize: Tanya Shirley


Short Fiction: Garfield Ellis, Geoffrey Philp, and Merle Collins.

Poetry: Edward Baugh, Lorna Goodison, and Mark McWatt.









Small Axe 44 now available

Small Axe 44 (July 2014) features the winners from the 2013 Small Axe Literary Competition, a special section on Caribbean Historiography, and a discussion of Sonic Bodies: Reggae Sound Systems, Performance Techniques and Ways of Knowing, by Julian Henriques, and Phonographies: Grooves in Sonic Afro-Modernity, by Alexander G. Weheliye.  Table of contents below.


The Last Conjuncture
David Scott

The Refusal of Work: From the Postemancipation Caribbean to Post-Fordist Empire
Christopher Taylor

Dictates of Dominican Democracy: Conceptualizing Caribbean Political Modernity
Maja Horn

Birth of a Station: Broadcasting, Governance, and the Waning Colonial State
Alejandra Bronfman

Specters in the Forest: Gothic Form and World-Ecology in Edgar Mittelholzer's My Bones and My Flute
Michael Niblett

Oríkí fe Madíba
Kamau Brathwaite


Caribbean Historiography

Thinking Haiti's Nineteenth Century
Laurent Dubois

“Awful Pirates” and “Hordes of Jackals”: Santo Domingo/The Dominican Republic in Nineteenth-Century Historiography
Anne Eller

Incommensurable Epistemologies? The Atlantic Geography of Healing in the Early Modern Caribbean
Pablo F. Gómez

Port of Departure, Port of Return: Mapping Indentured Returns to Calcutta
Nalini Mohabir

Beyond Fugitive Speech: Rumor and Affect in Caribbean History
Lauren Derby


Literary Competition Winners 2013


Rituals and Remembrances
Vladimir Lucien

Ruel Johnson


Short Fiction

The Paternity Test
Ruel Johnson

Watching Death …
Lesley-Ann Wanliss


Book Discussion: Julian Henriques, Sonic Bodies: Reggae Sound Systems, Performance Techniques, and Ways of Knowing; Alexander G. Weheliye, Phonographies: Grooves in Sonic Afro-Modernity

Afro-philo-sonic Fictions: Black Sound Studies after the Millennium
Tavia Nyong'o

Engendering Phonographies: Sonic Technologies of Blackness
Alexander G. Weheliye








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Andrea Shaw

Book Review Editor:
Vanessa K. Valdés

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