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Kaiama Glover Writes on Zombies in Public Culture

5 July 2017

In the May issue of Public Culture, Kaiama L. Glover-- editor of sx archipelagos-- writes about the role of the contemporary zombie in her essay “Flesh like One’s Own”: Benign Denials of Legitimate Complaint. 

She'll Chew You Up: Tiana Reid on Safiya Sinclair and Tiphanie Yanique

18 May 2017

Tiana Reid, Small Axe's editorial assistant, has recently published a piece for Cordite Poetry Review on Safiya Sinclair's debut book of poems, Cannibal, and Tiphanie Yanique's 2015 Wife. "If the novel form is a question mark," she asks," then, and while reading...Cannibal... I thought the poetic form might as well be an em dash. Versatile, incidental, fragmented, paratactic, broken down and broken into."

Small Axe 52 is now available!

10 April 2017
sx 52

Small Axe 52 

March 2017 is now available! 

This issue includes a special section, "Art as Caribbean Feminist Practice," guest-edited by Annalee Davis, Joscelyn Gardner, Erica Moiah James, and Jerry Philogene that focuses on the work of women whose artistic practices are grounded in a feminist ethos and engage multiple and nuanced meanings of the Caribbean and its diaspora across linguistic, geographic, material, and formal boundaries. The visual portfolio includes art by Deborah Anzinger, Sheena Rose, Keisha Scarville, and others.

A Caribbean Gallery of Art: An Interview with Juliet Ali

4 April 2017

by Gabrielle DaCosta

Juliet Ali is a graphic designer from Trinidad, residing in New York. She is an independent artist as well as the artistic director behind the Small Axe covers since 2006. We sat down together to discuss how she thinks Small Axe covers have changed over the years, and the role of the graphic designer in determining their future.

When did you join the Small Axe project?