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SX 71: 7.2023

The Beginning is the End and the End is the Beginning

Preface: The Heretical Humanism of Anthony Bogues  
David Scott 


Aimé Césaire’s Yugoslav Detour 
Alexandra Perisic 


Recuperating the Value of Nothing in Erna Brodber’s Novella, Nothing’s Mat  
Dashiell Moore 


A Sense of Displacement: Stuart Hall’s Art of Living 
David Scott 


Maureen Warner-Lewis and the Poetics of the African Presence in the Caribbean 

Widening Horizons 
Maureen Warner-Lewis 


Maureen Warner-Lewis, Friend and Colleague 
Velma Pollard 


Cultural Criticism and it’s Generations: The Achievement of Maureen Warner-Lewis 
Faith Smith 


Echoes in the Bone: Hearing Africa in Maureen Warner-Lewis’s Caribbean  
Rhonda Cobham-Sander 


Maureen Warner-Lewis’s Work of African Recognition 
Victoria Collis-Buthelezi 


Keywords in Caribbean Studies: Cimarrón, Marron, Maroon 

Cimarrón and the Reordering of the Living World 
Ileana Rodríquez-Silva 


Maroon: Beyond Etymologies towards a Poetics of Unlearning 
SJ Zhang 


Haitian Mawonaj: The Picaroons, and Recentering the Maritime Dimensions of Maroon History 
Johnhenry Gonzalez 


Maroon, Fiiman, Busikondeesama: A Play on Identity in Three Speech Acts 
Corinna Campbell 


The Beginning is the End and the End is the Beginning
Nadia Huggins 


Book Discussion: Andil Gosine, Nature’s Wild: Love, Sex, and Law in the Caribbean 

Embracing our Animal Selves: The Liberatory Politics of Andil Gosine’s Nature’s Wild 
Kedon Willis 


We are Animal. So What? 
Rajiv Mohabir 


This is How You Become the Animal you are so Bent on Becoming 
Michelle Rowley 


Animal History, Animal Future 
Andil Gosine