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SX 70: 3.2023


Preface: When Will the Beautiful Ones Be Born? 
David Scott 


Life Unadministered: Colonial Care and the Indian Coolie
Najnin Islam 


Andaiye and Audre Lorde's Black Transnational
Sisterhood; or, "I want you in this world"
Sasha Ann Panaram


Peasant Sensibility and the Structures of Feeling of "My People" 
in George Lamming's In the Castle of My Skin
Tohru Nakamura


Anton de Kom and the Caribbean Intellectual Tradition
Guest Editors, Wayne Modest and Susan Legêne


Other Radicals: Anton de Kom and the Caribbean Intellectual Tradition  
Wayne Modest and Susan Legêne


Canonizing De Kom: Sacrality, Blackness and
the Nation in Postcolonial Netherlands
Markus Balkenhol


Displacing Wij Slaven van Suriname: Other Collateral Effects
Olívia Maria Gomes da Cunha


Appropriating Anton de Kom Today: Canonization, Translation, Celebration
Karwan Fatah-Black


More Relevant Than Ever: We Slaves of Suriname Today
Mitchell Esajas


Citizenship Violence and the Afterlives of Dutch Colonialism:
Re-reading Anton de Kom
Guno Jones


Shannon Alonzo 


Book Discussion: Annette K. Joseph-Gabriel, Reimagining Liberation: How Black Women Transformed Citizenship in the French Empire


Suzanne and Suzanne: An Experiment in Reimagining Liberation
Grace Sanders Johnson


Black Women and Their Discontents in the French Context
Shanna Jean-Baptiste


Decolonizing the Married Woman
Tobias Warner 


Unfinished Business: In Search of Other Women, Other Worlds
Annette Joseph-Gabriel