SX 07: 03.2000

SX 07: 03.2000

Miss Universe as a Centerfold

Genders and Sexuality


Guest-edited by Faith Smith


Faith Smith

Fictions of Citizenship, Bodies without Sex: The Production and Effacement of Gender in Law

Tracy Robinson

AIDS and the Question of Memory: Patricia Powell's A Small Gathering of Bones

Aparjita Sagar

Transforming the Skin-Shedding Soucouyant: Using Folklore to Reclaim Female Agency in Caribbean Literature

Giselle Anatol

The "Unruly Woman" in Nineteenth Century Trinidad Carnival

Pamela Franco

Jahaji Bhai: Notes on the Masculine Subject and Homoerotic Subtext of Indo-Caribbean Identity

Sean Lokaisingh-Meighoo

Body Talk: Notes on Women and Spectacle in Contemporary Trinidad Carnival

Natasha Barnes

Homophobia and Gay Rights Activism in Jamaica

Lawson Williams


Ecce Homo

Michelle Cliff


Ramabai Espinet

Statement Toward a Nobility of the Imagination: Jamaica's Shame

Thomas Glave


Belinda Edmondson's Making Men

Antonia MacDonald-Smythe