SX 06: 09.1999

SX 06: 09.1999


Debating the Contemporary in Caribbean Art

Guest edited by Annie Paul and Christopher Cozier

Thinking the Diaspora: Home-thoughts from Abroad
Stuart Hall

Between Narratives and Other Spaces
Christopher Cozier

Confounding Categories: The Global and the Local in the Process of a Caribbean Art
Philip Scher

Unistalling the Nation: The Dilemma of Contemporary Jamaican Art
Annie Paul

Conceptualizing the Boundaries of Nation-Space: Some Thoughts on Art, Criticism and the Creation of a Canon
Gabrielle Hezekiah

Culture and Politics: From a Museum to an Independent Project
Virginia Perez-Ratton

Artist's Projects

Windows, Not Mirrows
Annalee Davis

Wendy Nanan

The Pyramid Series
Eddie Bowen

The Cloth
Robert Young

Gallery: Images by different artists including Guy Beckles, Samuel Walrond, Parma and Prabhu Singh, Ché Lovelace, Johnny Stollmeyer, Peter Minshall, Francisco Cabral, Anna Serrao, Steve Ouditt, Wendy Nanan, Eddie Bowen, also images from the Big River Workshop


A Conversation with Chris Cozier

Annalee Davis


Whose Mirror Image? A review of Art in Barbados
Joscelyn Gardner

Caribbean Art
Judith Bettelheim