Kelly Sinnapah Mary

SX 53: 07.2017

Miss Beckles's Rumshop

Preface: A Scarcely Spoken Past

David Scott

In the Penumbra of an Antillean Hallucination

G. A. E. Griffin

Sympathetic Graffiti in Haiti: Jerry’s Murals as a Scene of Pedagogical Identification

Chelsey L. Kivland

Becoming Indigenous in Haiti from Dessalines to La Revue Indigène

Amanda T. Perry

Art After Indenture

After Indenture

Andil Gosine

The Point of No Return: Wendy Nanan as Post-Indenture Female Visionary Artist

Patricia Mohammed

Picturing the Place of Memory: An After-Exposure of Indenture

Nalini Mohabir

The Aesthetics of Indenture and Afro-Indian Intimacies in Sharlene Khan’s Multi-media Project When the Moon Waxes Red

Jordache A. Ellapen

Communal Style: Indo-Caribbean Women’s Jewelry

Joy Mahabir

Kitchen Table Talk: Richard Fung and Ian Harnarine in Conversation

Moderated by Andil Gosine

After Indenture: Three Photo Stories 

Roshini Kempadoo, Sharlene Khan, Wendy Nanan

2016 Literary Competition

Short Fiction

Mango Feast

Portia Subran

Public Notice

Ayanna Gillian Lloyd



Soyini Ayanna Forde


Chenee Daley

Book Discussion: Yarimar Bonilla, Non-Sovereign Futures: French Caribbean Politics in the Wake of Disenchantment

The Politics of Disjuncture, or Freedom from a Caribbean Point of View

Greg Beckett

The Work of Disappointment

Christienna D. Fryar

Freedom, Sovereignty, and Other Entanglements

Yarimar Bonilla