"A través de tus ojos" (Through your eyes)


A través de tus ojos

Preface: A Reparatory History of the Present

David Scott

Bongo Futures: The Reggae Revival and its Genealogies 

Kezia Page

Ordinary Ethics of Spiritual Work and Healing in St Lucia or  

Why Not to Use the Word Obeah 

Marie Meudec

Art as Caribbean Feminist Practice

Guest editors, Erica James, Jerry Philogene, Annalee Davis, Joscelyn Gardner


Erica James, Jerry Philogene, Annalee Davis, Joscelyn Gardner

Oozing Between Mediums: The Work of Nicole Awai 

Michelle Stephens

Bodies of Color: Images of Women in the Work of Firelei Báez and Rachelle Mozman 

Rocío Aranda-Alvarado

Art as a Poetics of Recognition: Self and White Alterity in Olivia McGilchrist's Contemporary Art 

Marsha Pearce

Behind the Orange Door  

Rosamond S. King and Gabrielle Civil

The Artwork of Clara Morera: Afro-Cuban Religious Legacy with a Twist 

Ana Belén Martín Sevillano

The Archive and the Repertoire in Roshini Kempadoo’s Ghosting  

Marta Fernández Campa 

Writing the Feminine: Representation of the Female Body in Dominican Visual Art  

Elena Valdez

Reflections on the Black/White Color Spectrum  

Sandra Stephens

Visual Portfolio 

Deborah Anzinger 

Laura Anderson Barbata 

Kendra Frorup  

Sheena Rose  

Nadia Huggins  

Keisha Scarville

Eulogizing Creoleness? Rereading Éloge de la créolité 

Guest editors, Martin Munro and Celia Britton

Identity and Change in the Work of Édouard Glissant 

Celia Britton

Créolité, Creolization, and Contemporary Caribbean Culture  

H. Adlai Murdoch

Inventing the Wheel  

Sally Price

Créolisation, Creolization, and Créolité  

Richard Price

“All Creoles Now?”  

Maeve McCusker

Book Discussion: Rosamond S. King, Island Bodies: Transgressive Sexualities in the Caribbean Imagination

Queer Livity in the Caribbean: Rosamond S. King’s Island Bodies 

Faith Smith

Indigenous Sexualities: Rosamond S. King’s Island Bodies and the Radical Politics of Scholarship 

Lisa Outar

One Sustained Moment: The Constant ReCreation of Caribbean Sexualities 

Rosamond S. King