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Vanessa K. Valdés on the "Father of Black History"

17 July 2017

Vanessa K. Valdés, book review editor of sx salon, was recently interviewed for NPR's Latino USA podcast on the life of Arturo Schomburg-- a Puerto Rican living in New York City around the Harlem Renaissance. The podcast episode gives a brief history of Schomburg's life and role as the "father" of Black history.  The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, in which Schomburg's donated personal papers comprise a majority of the collection, is one of the largest resources of Black history in the world. In the podcast, Valdés asks how we conceive of blackness. 

Kaiama Glover Writes on Zombies in Public Culture

5 July 2017

In the May issue of Public Culture, Kaiama L. Glover-- editor of sx archipelagos-- writes about the role of the contemporary zombie in her essay “Flesh like One’s Own”: Benign Denials of Legitimate Complaint. 

She'll Chew You Up: Tiana Reid on Safiya Sinclair and Tiphanie Yanique

18 May 2017

Tiana Reid, Small Axe's editorial assistant, has recently published a piece for Cordite Poetry Review on Safiya Sinclair's debut book of poems, Cannibal, and Tiphanie Yanique's 2015 Wife. "If the novel form is a question mark," she asks," then, and while reading...Cannibal... I thought the poetic form might as well be an em dash. Versatile, incidental, fragmented, paratactic, broken down and broken into."