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Memory Like Fire is Radiant and Immutable

Firelei Báez

Firelei Báez

Firelei Báez was born in Santiago de los Caballeros and lives and works in New York. She makes intricate works on paper and canvas that are intrinsically indebted to a rigorous studio practice as well as large scale sculpture. Through a convergence of interest in anthropology, science fiction, black female subjectivity and women’s work; her art explores the humor and fantasy involved in self-making within diasporic societies, which have an ability to live with cultural ambiguities and use them to build psychological and even metaphysical defenses against cultural invasions.

Year 2016
Medium Gouache and Chine-coleé in deaccessioned book pages
Dimensions 60 x 90 in
Collection Memory Like Fire is Radiant and Immutable
Issue SX 51: 11.2016
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Title: "Memory Like Fire is Radiant and Immutable"