February 2013

Note: This list is updated bi-monthly (approximately). In between updates, books may be assigned to a reviewer or additional books received so please query Kelly Josephs (kbj@smallaxe.net) about availability. Titles in color are linked to publisher descriptions.

Featured book for review:


Selected Writings Of Alfred H. Mendes, by Alfred H. Mendes, edited by Michèle Levy (2013)



Haiti Noir 2: The Classics, by Edwidge Danticat (Jan 2014)
My Multi-Ethnic Friends & Other Stories, by Cyril Dabydeen (2013)
The Night of the Rambler, by Montague Kobbé (2013)
Sic Transit Wagon and other stories, by Barbara Jenkins (2013)
Johnson's Dictionary, by David Dabydeen (2013)
The Gospel According to Cane, by Courttia Newland (2013)
Ten Days in Jamaica, by Ifeona Fulani (2012)


Performance Anxiety, by Jane King (2013)
She SEX: Prose & Poetry . SEX & the Caribbean Woman, edited by Paula Obe and Carol N Hosein (2013)
Supplying Salt and Light, by Lorna Goodison (2013)
Bury My Clothes, by Roger Bonair-Agard (2013)
Pepper Seed, by Malika Booker (2013)
South Eastern Stages, by Anthony Kellman (2012)


Ever Faithful: Race, Loyalty, and the Ends of Empire in Spanish Cuba, by David Sartorius (January 2014)
Writing Down the Vision: Essays & Prophecies, by Kei Miller (2013)
Reassembling the Fragments Voice and Identity in Caribbean Discourse, edited by Paula Morgan and Valerie Youssef (2013)
Visions and Voices: Conversations with Fourteen Caribbean Playwrights, by Olivier Stephenson (2013)
Jamaica in Black and White:  Photography in Jamaica c.1845–c.1920 - The David Boxer Collection, by  Edward A. Lucie-Smith and David Boxer (2013)
They Do As They Please: The Jamaican Struggle for Cultural Freedom after Morant Bay, by Brian L. Moore and Michele A. Johnson (2013)
Caribbean Cultural Thought: From Plantation to Diaspora Paperback, edited by Yanique Hume and Aaron Kamugisha (2013)
Theater of the French Caribbean: Traditions and Contemporary Stages, by Stephanie Berard (2013)
Interlocking Basins of a Globe: Essays on Derek Walcott, by Jean Antoine-Dunne (2013)
Tropic Tendencies: Rhetoric, Popular Culture, and the Anglophone Caribbean, by Kevin Browne (2013)
Pathologies of Paradise: Caribbean Detours, by Supriya M. Nair (2013)
Che on My Mind, by Margaret Randall (2013)
Escape from New York: The New Negro Renaissance beyond Harlem, edited by Davarian L. Baldwin and Minkah Makalani (2013)
Listening in Detail: Performances of Cuban Music, by Alexandra T. Vazquez (2013)