SX 19: 03.2006


Special issue on the topic “Crossing Borders of Language and Culture” guest-edited by Charles Carnegie and Samuel Martínez, with contributions by Jorge Giovannetti, Shona Jackson, Hilda Lloréns, Ingrid Reneau, Velma Pollard, and Samuel Furé Davis. Also features an interview with Sidney Mintz by Charles Carnegie. Book discussion of Shalini Puri’s The Caribbean Postcolonial: Social Equality, Post-Nationalism, and Cultural Hybridity

SX 18: 09.2005


A special section guest-edited by Martin Munro and Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw on the topic “Profondes et nombreuses: Haiti, History, Culture, 1804-2004.” Includes essays by Maximilien Laroche, J. Michael Dash, and Marie-Agnès Sourieau, and a writer’s roundtable with Dany Laferrière, Louis-Philippe Dalembert, Edwidge Danticat, and Evelyne Trouillot.

SX 17: 03.2005


Features essays by Elena Machado Sáez, Jocelyne Guilbault, Ifeona Fulani, visual work by Charles Campbell, and short stories by Geoffrey Philp and Peter Dean Rickards. Also includes a book discussion of Brent Hayes Edwards’s The Practice of Diaspora: Literature, Translation and the Rise of Black Internationalism. 

SX 16: 09.2004


Issue guest-edited by Annie Paul and Krista Thompson on the topic “Caribbean Locales and Global Artworlds” with essays by Evelyn Carmen Ramos and Rocio Aranda Alvarado. Visual work by Peter Dean Rickards. Reviews of Gerard Aching’s Masking and Power, Mimi Sheller’s Consuming the Caribbean, and Okwui Enwezor’s et al. (eds.) Créolité and Creolization

SX 15: 03.2004


Special Issue on “Guyana: The Present Against the Past” with essays by Alissa Trotz, Cary Fraser, Gemma Robinson, Nigel Westmaas, Nalini Persram, and Percy Hintzen. An interview with Andaiye by David Scott. Visual work by Roshini Kempadoo and Hew Locke.

SX 14: 09.2003


Essays by David Scott, Shalini Puri, Bill Schwarz, Philip Nanton, and Kim Robinson-Walcott. Short fiction by Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw. Book discussion of Catherine Hall’s Civilising Subjects: Metropole and Colony in the English Imagination, 1830-1867.  

SX 13: 03.2003


Features essays by Belinda Edmondson, Winston James, Loretta Collins, Obika Gray, Patricia Saunders, and Wigmoore Francis. Short stories by Ifeona Fulani and Robert Edison Sandiford. Poetry by John Robert Lee and Cyril Dabydeen.  

SX 12: 09.2002


Features essays by Heather Smyth, Deborah Thomas, Jenny Burman, and an interview with George Lamming by David Scott. Also includes reviews of Margaret Cezair-Thompson’s The True History of Paradise and Kamala Kempadoo’s edited volume Sun, Sex, and Gold: Tourism and Sex Work in the Caribbean.  

SX 11: 03.2002


Focus on “The Frame of the Nation” guest-edited by Anthony Bogues with essays by Patricia Mohammad and Nadi Edwards. Short story by Jennifer Rahim. Book discussion of Paget Henry’s Caliban’s Reason.