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SX: 68 7.2022

Notebook of No Return 10: Childhood of Sanbras, 2021

Preface: Erna Brodber’s Social Ethics of Black Memory 
David Scott 


Dancing in an Enclosure: Activism and Mourning in the Puerto Rican Summer of 2019 
Arnaldo M. Cruz-Malavé 


Life, Labor, and a Coolie Picturesque in Jamaica 
Jenny Sharpe 


Transformista, travesti, transgénero: Performing Sexual Subjectivity in Cuba 
M. Myrta Leslie Santana 


At the Crossroads of Many Worlds: Marilyn Houlberg and Arts Patronage in Haiti
Peter L. Haffner 


Keywords in Caribbean Studies: A Small Axe Project 


Keywords in Caribbean Studies: A Project Statement 
Vanessa Pérez-Rosario and Ryan Cecil Jobson 


What Happens to Black in the Afro-Surinamese Transatlantic Diaspora? 
Gloria Wekker 


Transnational Renderings of Negro/a/x/*: Re-centering Blackness in AfroLatinidad 
Omaris Z. Zamora 


Nègre (Noir, Black, Renoi, Négro) 
Grégory Pierrot 


To Be Black Is to …: The Production of Blackness in and beyond Trinidad 
Leniqueca A. Welcome 


Everything Slackens in a Wreck 
Andil Gosine 


Book Discussion: Ren Ellis Neyra, The Cry of the Senses: Listening to Latinx and Caribbean Poetics 

Sensorial Errancy in Decolonial Key 
Rocío Zambrana 


When Tía Ate the Telegram: Defiance, Solidarity, and Multipoetic Sensorial Listening 
Petra R. Rivera-Rideau 


Modern Dermabrasions: Black/Brown After Ren Ellis Neyra’s The Cry of the Senses 
Ronald Mendoza-de Jesus 


White Mythologies 
Ren Ellis Neyra