Roland Rose

SX 55: 03.2018

Have Machine, Will Travel. Harbour Island, 1960

Preface: Evil Beyond Repair

David Scott

Partus Sequitur Ventrem: Calculating Intimacies in Colonial Slavery

Jennifer L. Morgan

Thomas Thistlewood’s Libidinal Linnaean Project: Slavery, Ecology, and Knowledge Production in Eighteenth-century Jamaica

Heather Vermeulen 

Against "Cultures of Hiatus": History and the Archive in the Political Thought of John La Rose

Chris Moffat

“If I Were You”: Tego Calderón’s Diasporic Interventions 

Petra R. Rivera-Rideau

I Am a Messenger: Spiritual Baptism and the Queer Afterlife of Faith

Lyndon K. Gil

Eulogizing Creoleness?: Rereading Éloge de la Créolité, Part II 

Guest editors, Celia Britton and Martin Munro

Introduction: When the Walls Fall

Martin Munro

Éloge du spiralisme : projets poétiques et politiques caribéens dans Mûr à crever de Frankétienne

Nathalie Batraville 

In Praise of Complexity

Dominique Chancé

Créolité and the Regime of Visibility Twenty Years Later: Reading Les Neuf consciences du Malfini by Patrick Chamoiseau 

Christina Kullberg  

Les errements politiques de la créolité 

Fred Reno

“A Question to be Lived:” Creoleness and Ethnographic Fiction

Justin Izzo


In Transition: The Bahamas at Mid-Century

Roland Rose

Book Discussion: Louis Chude-Sokei, The Sound of Culture: Diaspora and Black Technopoetics

Within Earshot of Africa: Meditations on The Sound of Culture 

Tsitsi Jaji

Listening to the Sound of Culture

Wayne Marshall

Echoing the Echoes: Technopoetics in Dub

Louis Chude-Sokei